Custom Knife Midgards Knife Njörd + Kydex handle shells as desired


Custom Knife Midgards Knife Njörd S30V + Kydex Handmade

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Origin of the name: The Wane Njörd is the protector of the travellers and the ruler of the sea. It comes from Norse mythology, like all the bearers of our knives.

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Knife is not in stock. The production can be about 4 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Blade length: 6.5 cm

Total length:13.5 cm

Blade thickness: 5 mm

Steel: S30V

Handle material: ALU High Strength (Duraluminium)

Kydex lined black (other colors on request)

Other steel grades and handle materials on request. Also the Kydex sheaths we can adapt on request to their carrying pleasures.

Even with available knives, the delivery time can be at least 4 weeks! Since we manufacture all knives by hand, it is not possible to produce a knife in a few days. If the desired knife is in stock, this can be delivered at short notice. Special requests, knives specially tailored to the customer, various handle shells, etc., can increase the delivery time. In any case, we are working production in order to be able to deliver your desired product to you as quickly as possible.


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Gewicht 2 kg
Größe 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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