Böker Plus M3 Trench Knife


Böker Plus

M3 Trench Knife

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  • Fixed knife
  • 29.8 cm
  • 17.1 cm
  • 5.19 mm
  • 237g
  • Carbon steel

  • leather
  • Fixed
  • Brown
  • Black
  • 02BO1943
  • The M3 Trench Knife was developed in 1943 and was intended to be distributed to all American soldiers during World War II who did not wear bayonets. Among the nine manufacturers that produced the M3 Trench Knives during the war was H. Boker & Co., with an order volume of 31,300 knives, the smallest number of all suppliers. The sister company of the parent plant in Solingen was located in New Jersey. On the 65th anniversary, Böker is relaunching this classic piece of the combat knife industry, including the authentic U.S. M8A1 vagina. The black coated blade is made of
    carbon steel

    and has the original “H. Boker & Co.” – Blade stamp from 1943. The handle is made of pressed leather rings. In order to document a consistent quality, the M3 is provided with an individual serial number.


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